Body Lotion 250 ml 

An enchanting trip to Jaipur, the city in Rajasthan, immersed in the millennia-old scents of vanilla absolute and precious and sensual sandalwood. A composition rich in natural and precious ingredients.

Body Lotions have a silky and rapidly absorbing texture, suitable for sensitive and delicate skin too. As for the shower gels, the extraordinary properties of the almond are concentrated in the mandorlat, a milk that combines the nourishing and emollient virtues of sweet almond oil with proteins, vitamins and minerals that they contain, for an antioxidant and protective action. Furthermore, this lotion is enriched with constitutional pomegranate water, providing an antioxidant action that promotes the formation of new cells and the regeneration of skin tissue and helps the skin to defend itself against oxidative stress, and with extremely moisturizing shea butter and oil from the passion fruit, an incredible tonic and rebalancing ingredient.

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Coconut milk and caramel accord

Vanilla abs., Balsam of Perù e.o.

Sandalwood e.o., Cedarwood e.o.