Body Scrub Vicious Cacao


Body Scrub 250 ml

A tasty fragrance, which is an absolute delicacy for connoisseurs. An emotional trip through memories and a soft and intriguing caress on the skin. Its ingredients remind of those of a cake, enhanced by noble flowers and enveloping resins: Raspberry and Rose Pepper; Narcissus and Jasmine associated to a precious Cocoa Absolute; Salty Caramel and Saffron. The result is a fascinating perfume that lives on contrasts and seduces with its ability to balance them.

A sugar Body Scrub, whose microgranules gently exfoliate the skin as they melt in contact with the skin temperature. Enriched with Mandorlat, Constitutional Pomegranate water, Almond oil and Shea butter, it stimulates cell regeneration, while leaving the skin moisturised and scented.
How to use: Apply on damp skin and massage with circular movements, until micro sugar granules are completely absorbed, thus facilitating exfoliation and penetration of active ingredients. Rinse thoroughly.

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Raspberry – Rose Pepper – Rum

Amber – Narcissus – Cocoa Absolute – Jasmine

Salty Caramel – Sandal Wood – Saffron – Oak Moss – Benzoin